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Injury Rehab
Vikram Ramchandran
28 Jun 2023

I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for 3 years. At one time I had difficulty walking from room to room inside the house. After seeing 1 podaitrist, 3 chiropractors and 2 physiotherapists for 3 years I could only walk 200 m and stand about 15 mins without pain. A huge limiting factor was all other excercises I was given involved the knee. My knee pain was a huge impediment in strengehening my leg muscles. Dr Saily put me on a comprehensive rehab protocol with excercises and stretches to strengthen not just the legs but the entire lower body from the glutes and hamstrings. All of these was without involving the knee. Dr Saily Dongre was amazing and in just 1 month I was able to walk more than 1 km. I am grateful for her help and wish I had gone sooner.

Josna Cardoza
21 Jun 2023

DO NOT TAKE ONLINE SESSIONS. I took online physiotherapy sessions from Dr. Saily for my lower back pain. The experience was extremely disappointing. I took premium trainer (paid 16k+/month that’s 800rs/session) expecting the best results however even after 3 weeks I was doing just the basic exercises and same things which were thought on the day 1. Doctor usually appeared late for the session which was really annoying because it impacted my rest of the day. I was promised 1 hr session while enrolling but she was doing only for half an hour(That’s a straight loss of half the money I paid). She use to be drowsy for most of the sessions and multiple times I noticed that her counting is not in sync with my exercises which means she wasn’t focusing IMO. I was very tolerant with all this. Then she did not turn up to the session without any notice and no message/call till next day noon. That shows unprofessional behaviour and disrespectful towards patient. I strongly disagree with Fittr to mark her as premium trainer. I was misled by the online services. Just for the note: my husband took offline physiotherapy from different place for just 300rs/hr and was very effective and useful. In short I’m not sure about her offline training but I strongly recommend DO NOT TAKE ONLINE SESSIONS.

Vandana Gupta Cake Artist
16 Feb 2023

satisfactory Dr saily taught me stretches and exercises to relieve and reduce pain. Am still recovering day by day.

03 Jan 2023

Dr Saily helped with exercises and stretching for upper back pain. The physio sessions were very helpful for recovery. Thanks