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Ajay Kumar N
21 Sep 2023

Umesh helped me immensely in knowing the nuasances of right nutrition and workout. He keeps pushing you every day. I can't thank Umesh enough for the wonderful time of 12 weeks. This learnings will surely help me in my future transformation journey. Thank you so much for everything

Ayush Rajpurohit
16 Sep 2023

One of the best transformation experience. Umesh is a really great coach with proper knowledge to back his process. Diet and Exercise routine were properly planned to support my goal and my needs. Helped me at every stage of my journey will recommend him for sure. Thank you so much coach!

Sagar Jain
06 Aug 2023

I've been under Umesh's guidance for about 2 months. He's an excellent coach. Giving a detailed review below for others on a fitness journey to consider. I was very satisfied with the nutrition & exercise guidance provided. My adherence to a fitness lifestyle, dietary concepts & exercise routine has improved a lot because of being accountable and the consistent checks kept by him.. The recommendations provided by him were timely & very helpful.. Helped a lot in forming good habits & preventing bad habits from developing.. He's a very patient & kind listener. Very important qualities in a coach. He kept in touch consistently throughout the process , this helps a lot in this journey.. Weekly check-ins begin as a task however I soon started seeing value in it as habits need monitoring to develop. He also developed & provided a replacement sheet that was very helpful in alternating between the sources of calories, whist meeting your macros. Helps a lot in times of need where certain items may not be available , traveling etc Apart from the guidance provided what really is a differentiating factor with Umesh is his gentleness. For people practicing different professions , fitness journey can be very daunting, frustrating & extremely difficult. It's very easy to give up in the first few weeks when the coach is inconsiderate. Having someone like Umesh who gently guides you is worth its weight in gold. I highly recommend Umesh's service to someone who wants a gentle coach who understands that fitness is a Lifestyle modification, lifelong journey & not simply a target to be crushed. One note to Umesh, no matter how many clients you get please please stay approachable, reachable & don't let business volume change your rare qualities..