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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
Animal Flow Workouts
30 Sep 2023

Syed is an excellent coach . My husband and I joined Syed earlier this year at a point of time when we were both tired of our constant yo-yo ing in weight loss and sporadic exercise regime. We have now enrolled with Syed for an additional six months and will mostly keep it going for longer for the below reasons 1) Syed is deeply knowledgeable about exercise and fitness . He is constantly correcting your form and giving tips on how to get more out of the exercise you do 2) He works with you and your energy levels and ensures he gradually pushes you more and more to maximise results 3) He brings in a lot of variety to the exercise - be it weights , yoga and even martial arts at times. No chance of getting bored. 4) He is a really positive and motivating person - and a joy to work out with. Having been on fittr for over 5 years and tried various trainers both fitness and PT - I can say with confidence that Syed is one of the best out there .

07 Sep 2023

I started working with Syed in March. He is very knowledgeable in all areas and has an exercise or stretch for nearly every ache/pain. He is also very attentive during the sessions and picks up on the smallest detail in form / posture that others would likely miss. Syed is very flexible with his approach and adjusts each session as needed to accomodate any pressing pain points. I leave each session feeling better than I started and have seen significant improvement since working with him. I would highly recommend him.

Ritika Rasiwasia
23 Aug 2023

I started training with Syed in January. My main goal at that time was getting stronger. Syed helped me focus a lot on strength training and I definitely got stronger. After a few months I got injured and Syed helped me with exercises to help with recovery. I really appreciate the level of knowledge he has and how it helped me recover faster. Syed is always ready to change my workout as per my goals. Started with strength training to injury recovery to now working on endurance, he has helped me with all of it. In the last few months of training with Syed, I have not only become stronger but also learnt a lot about my body and how I can stay injury free. If you are looking for someone with great knowledge and someone to help with training goals, I would highly recommend him.

Moumita Bhadra
02 Aug 2023

I can't believe it has already been more than a year since I embarked on this amazing fitness journey with Syed. From day one until now, I have experienced nothing short of excellence and dedication in his coaching style. Allow me to share my incredible experience and why I highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional guidance in achieving their fitness goals. Throughout the past 12 months, Syed has proven to be a true expert in his field. His extensive knowledge and experience in various fitness disciplines have been evident in every session we've had. Not only did he create tailored workout routines based on my goals and fitness level, but he also ensured that each session was engaging, challenging, and progressive. One of the standout qualities of Syed is his unwavering support and motivation. Even through virtual sessions, he managed to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere that fueled my determination. Whenever I encountered obstacles or felt demotivated, he was there to offer encouragement and advice, consistently pushing me to surpass my limits. I also appreciated the level of personalization my coach brought to the table. He took the time to understand my individual preferences, limitations, and lifestyle, which allowed him to craft a training plan that was not only effective but also sustainable in the long run. This personalized approach was pivotal in keeping me on track and making consistent progress. Communication was never an issue with him. He was always prompt in responding to my queries, providing valuable feedback, and making adjustments to my workouts as needed. This aspect of his coaching made the virtual training experience seamless and efficient, regardless of the distance between us. If you are in search of an exceptional PT coach who can deliver outstanding results, I wholeheartedly recommend Syed. Thank you for making these last 14 months so rewarding, here’s to many more successes together!