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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
17 Dec 2022

Oh WOW! From where should I start? Whatever I am going to write won't do the justice in oppose to how I actually feel! Syed is the best trainer I have ever come across!! Very knowledgeable and yet humble (rare combination to find these days!). Personally I thank God to have found such a great trainer who takes care of reaching my goal with each passing day a bit closer. If you have any issue with any body part and you think you can't do any training! I want to stop you there! Please get in touch with Syed, I am 100% sure he will adjust your workout accordingly. I can't recommend him enough!! Very understanding, humble, polite, a true human being!! I am hoping to continue my journey with Syed as long as my heart beats! Thank you Syed for everything you do!! πŸ™πŸΌ. I wish you all the success you desire. God blessπŸ™πŸΌ

Pushpa Dattu
14 Dec 2022

I was messed with a worst PT trainer and was very skeptic when i enrolled with Syed at Fittr. To my surprise, my experience within a few days was so different and i had to change my perspective towards Personal Trainers. As against my old experience of manipulating, moneyminded, non empathetic, rude, reckless trainers, here i got a very compassionate, more knowledgeable, skilled, patient, out of the box, versatile personality. I like the most is however tiered our day and time is, Syed has some varient of workout suiting for the day making workout an integral part of day. His is looking for transformation as against my old experience where obese people are kept as year long income. I admire his knowledge wrt to food and any health ailments and he gives all the tips possible to help us where most trainers disguise things. Came with very little positivity, now am hoping for miracles to happen wrt my health. Looking forward for great things to come after a long struggle. Thank you for doing justice with the profession and giving us a hope.

Sudarshana Banerjee
15 Nov 2022

My husband and I have been training with Syed for a month now. He has changed our attitude and conviction towards fitness. He has a very friendly and educational approach which has helped build our motivation very naturally. Syed is also very attentive towards our fitness goals and any issues we are facing and then adjusts our fitness routine accordingly. We highly recommend him!

Olisha Taneja
05 Oct 2022

Syed is a mindful coach who teaches with patience, compassion and knowledge. I started my strength training & conditioning journey with him around 4 months ago while recovering from an ankle injury, knee pain and sciatica issues and I have seen a lot of improvement. Under his guidance, I have come to understand how to manage the pain, correct form and postures, find strength and listen to the muscles and the body. Even though my injuries have restricted me in some ways. He is very positive and encouraging. If you are someone not looking for quick fixes but a healthy and sustainable way of getting stronger and better. Syed's your guy!