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Strength and Conditioning
Personal Training & Nutrition
16 Aug 2023

I have been training with Sunil since a month and he is the best coach I have worked with so far. His commitment and attention to details and thorough knowledge about strength training is incredible. He has a very structured way of tracking progress which helps in great detail on how much you have progressed along the way. He is very flexible and accommodates the needs of the client. I really love working out under his guidance and get stronger and fitter.

Nikhil Tiwari
25 Jul 2022

A great trainer who cares about your safety and will adjust plans if needed. He cares about your health and helps to make you stronger. He is very patient but energetic. Would recommend!

Parthavi Pathak
26 Feb 2022

I started getting trained with Sunil a couple weeks back. Sunil is very detailed and keeps educating me during the training. He maintains the log and makes sure there is a constant progress. He modifies workouts considering I have back and knee pain. Safety is a prime concern for him. The training I am getting is totally personalized for me and I couldn’t have asked for better.

31 Jan 2022

I started my training with Sunil from Jan 1st week and super happy so far. I have been working out many years and had many coaches, what separates Sunil, is his passion for training, more importantly education to clients, focus on safety of clients etc. could not have got a better coach than him