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Shameek Chakravarty
03 Nov 2022

It’s been a week since I got started with Stanzin, and there are several positives which are clear to me already. Stanzin’s workouts are varied and there is a clear plan behind them. She also makes quick adjustments to the workout intensities and scales down or scales up the workouts based on my performance on the day. A committed professional - it’s great to have her help in my fitness journey.

Anshita Srivastava
19 Apr 2022

I have been training under Stan for more than a week and I am loving every minute of it. The best thing about her is that she is truly invested in my health goals. The workout sessions are challenging, fun, engaging and very insightful. She clearly explains why we are doing a particular exercise, what is the benefit and what I should focus on while doing the movements. The two most important things that have stood out for me while training under her are - the way she plans out my workouts and the way she motivates me to do better, especially when I’m struggling. I am really happy that I chose her as my PT and I look forward to our sessions every single day of the week!

14 Mar 2022

I had been trying to build a habit of working out daily and seeing progress but I wasn’t able to do so consistently until I enrolled with Stan. She is absolutely a ball of energy who can get you pumped up for a killer workout no matter what. She believes in constantly changing up the workouts so you don’t get bored and are able to break-through plateaus. She answers all your doubts patiently and in great detail. My absolute favorite part of working out with Stan was the cooldown routine - I have noticed increased flexibility in my body after 3 months of working out with Stan. Thank you Stan for helping me feel confident in my workout and my forms, and for making working out consistently a part of my life!

Sushmitha Nischey
14 Dec 2021

My first experience with Stan and have not been disappointed! Excellent personal Trainer who really care and go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. Her persistence keeps me focused and committed to a five a day weekly gym schedule. She helped develop a new attitude in me. Along with more confidence and drive to stay healthy, I make the right diet choices to support progress.