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Aarthi Dhinakaran
16 May 2022

I've been using fittr since 2017 and this is the 5th time I am signing up. Sheenam is the 4th coach I picked on this platform. She is very knowledgeable and took time to listen to my concerns and followed up with a call after I gave her updates every week. I really enjoyed working with her the first time and so decided to renew again, this time for a couples transformation with my husband. The first week of renewal went well and everything started going downhill from there. She has huge communication problems. I had to continuously follow up for a couple of days before she will upload a new chart. She will ask to schedule call and when we finally manage to find a time that works for the both of us she will not be available at the set appointment. She wont reply to your messages at all. I was ghosted for more than a week before I decided to give up. I'm really tired of running behind her, following up twice a day to get the updated chart. There was still 20-25 days left on my plan when she completely ghosted me. No reply at all. She is so unprofessional. I didn't expect this from such a great platform. This is my first bad experience with a coach. I felt like I wasted money when I renewed another 12 weeks with her. I gave her enough chance to get back to me but she didn't. In the 12 weeks program, I got a total of 4 charts. I took a vacation for a week so that 10 days was on me. But after that she didn'tbother to reply to my messages or get on a call with us. She asked us to send videos of our workout and never gave any feedback on that as well. This was such a disappointment.

Yash Dani
07 Oct 2021

I have been a user of fittr since long . I didn't got any proper follow ups from her neither any sort of motivation . My diet plan was updated only once in 4 weeks . Just because of this I changed my coach between my ongoing plan .Won't recommend her to anyone .For me the experience was not good at all .

15 Aug 2021

Not having an active workout schedule in the past,Sheenam has been a great in supporting my training objectives. She is outcome focused, and I have been able to see continual improvement from my sessions! She really helped me by giving me the tools to grow, such as diet and training regimes. Thank you Sheenam way to go 💪💪

24 Jul 2021

My journey of gaining weight with my coach has been amazing. I’m very grateful to have sheenam as my coach as her excellent skills and focus on me helped me getting a healthy weight and a good physique. Without your guidance and plan. I don’t think so the compliments i get from people today would have been possible without your help. thank you so much for it I really appreciate your effort towards me. I have learned so much from you and I look forward to learning more. Thank you for being the best coach and I am very grateful to have you as my coach.