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Oviya Siva
17 Feb 2023

Samuel sir has been a best coach in this fittr app, when i ask he will clarified my doubts and he motivated some of things that I wasn't aware of fitness....I was happy with my result that credits goes to sir thank so much for your polite guidance 😀

Dyaneshwaran Sivashanmugam
28 Jan 2023

Very happy to share I have lost 9 kgs in last 4 months under guidance of Sam, he's been a great mentor, motivator for my 12 week fittr journey. mainly understood what works and what don't work for me, Sam was really good at listening to my individual needs and helped formulate diet & workout plan and provided various options in my plan as per my needs. over all my health improved a lot in many aspects, like my triglycerides reduced from 188 to 47 :), would highly recommend Sam for anyone looking for improve their life through proven guidance and techniques & wanted to improve their overall knowledge of fitness and diet .. thank you very much Sam.. very big thanks to my brother Bharani who introduced me to Sam.

Sudheer Rao
08 Nov 2022

Sam is knowledgeable, practical and a great mentor. His support helped me significantly during my fitness journey. i am a vegetarian and against protein supplements. he never asked me to compromise on my judgement. he is an inspiration for many younger and elder fitness enthusiasts. thank you, Sam

12 Oct 2022

Sam was my first coach in Fittr and I could not have asked for a better one. Since the beginning, he did not make any fake promises nor did he teach me any shortcuts. He said things as they were. He made me understand the composition of my body and what steps I would have to take to achieve my goal. He precisely explained how the people around us - our friends, family, and colleagues would be the first ones to demotivate us when we start with quantified nutrition and how to stay strong through these phases. Though he did not make any promises, at the end he helped me reach my goal of loosing 10kgs in 3 months. Every week during our review calls he would help me understand the progress and how to make any corrections. Would definitely recommend him for anyone who's embarking on their fitness journey.