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FITTR kids
Pre & Post Natal Training
Preeti Mehra
14 Aug 2023

I was looking for some physical activity for my 12 and 8 year old daughters and found Preeti. She is an amazing coach. She has helped my girls understand the importance of exercise and nutrition. Preeti is very punctual and communicative. She keeps the sessions fun and interesting for the kids, which they really enjoy and look forward to each day. Thank you Preeti!

Sahil Bhardwaj
18 May 2023

I had a truly positive experience with Preeti, the exceptional yoga tutor on Fittr. Her punctuality, organizational skills, and talent for working with kids surpassed my expectations. Preeti's punctuality was outstanding, never missing a class and showing unwavering commitment. Her well-structured yoga classes catered perfectly to children, adapting to their unique needs. Preeti created a warm and nurturing environment, allowing kids to thrive and enjoy the practice. Preeti is an exceptional yoga tutor on Fittr. Her dedication, organization, and ability to work with children make her stand out. I highly recommend Preeti for a positive and enriching yoga experience for kids.

Dr Sri Pranitha Goli
16 May 2023

I have choosen Preeti for my 11 year old son for his anxiety and unable to control his hunger ...after joining with Preeti he started to think about his food intake ,I feel it's a great change ....she is excellent in handling and managing kids . His journey is still on and Iam so thankful to her ....

03 Mar 2023

we started personal training sessions with Preeti in Dec for my 12 years old daughter. My daughter has some anxiety about unnecessary things and i knew yoga and meditation helps her but I was not able to make her do it. Thankfully i found Preeti coach who started taking yoga classes for my daughter. She would include pranayama and meditation as well and we definitely found difference in my daughter after each session. I asked Preeti to connect with my daughter as a friend as well and not just as a teacher and she has definitely connected well with my daughter whenever needed. I am really thankful to Preeti for trying her best to create love for yoga and meditation in my daughter.