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Jeetesh Jain
07 Jun 2023

Lead by example' is what comes to my mind when I think of Preeti as a Coach, and that's exactly how a Mentor should be! I signed up for the Fittr program with Preeti for 3 months. Throughout the entire duration she never ever gave random 'gyaan' or 'you should/you shoud not' ... She always gave me solutions that worked for her and those that were tried and tested by herself. Preeti never failed to go that extra mile to make a special connect with me as her client to understand my strengths, weaknesses and my limitations (be it time, family or physical). She customised the Nutrition Plan for me in a such way that it was very easy and flexible to follow. I am proud to say that I lost several inches and almost 7 kgs in a span of 3 months all thanks to her Nutrition and Exercise plan. She constantly kept a tab on my fitness journey and never failed to pull me up when I was slacking. I plan to keep all the learnings with me coz it really worked for me and the results are showing already!     

Charmi Doshi
07 Jun 2023

Preeti is the perfect coach I could ever have.. She is incredible,Super approachable and easy to to talk with about any concern and she would have a solution for it. I was searching for a coach and found her profile while looking at the list. I instantly connected with her reading her bio and so much after the 1st call that I also got my mum and sis join her. Unlike others I did not have issues following the diet but was miserable at being active / workouts and never thought I could be lean too since I am short and weight pops up visibly on shorter people. Preeti motivated me, listened to me and laid out a plan for me which I can follow even after the fittr plan is over. She has a lot of good and tasty recipe options .. grocery options in India and US and keeps all her buddies active through whatsapp groups. What I can say in the end is I not only lost weight after the program but also gained strength.. lost inches.. my clothes started to fit me like never before and I can say I learnt the secret recipe to become lean and strong all thanks to her.

Ayush jain
31 May 2023

"Under Preeti's expert guidance, I experienced remarkable success in achieving my health goals. Her realistic and practical approach made it easier for me to adopt and sustain the changes necessary for my diet and habits. Preeti ensured that I could follow the prescribed diet without burdening my family for changing for cooking things extra for myself. Thanks to Preeti's support and proper timely guidance, I was able to surpass my initial goal of losing over 5kg within a few months. Her understanding of the IT lifestyle and her ability to tailor her guidance accordingly were invaluable. Preeti's expertise helped me navigate the unique challenges we face as IT professionals and provided me with strategies that were both effective and practical.

16 Mar 2023

Preeti is one of the finest FITTR coaches who knows her craft well. Her meal prepping ideas specially as per US grocery options were the game changer for me in my diet adherence. Her regular follow ups and checkins wouldn’t let you drop the ball midway. Every time I slipped she would caringly bring me back to my routine. More than physical transformation she focusses on transforming you mentally first and then the real results follow. She is an expert at designing a well rounded nutritious vegetarian diet plans. Her replacement charts and quick recipe ideas make it easy to keep the diet interesting. I will continue my fitness journey with her.