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Strength and Conditioning
10 Feb 2023

I started my fitness journey with Neha about a month ago. For someone who is not a fan of working out, Neha has been able to make me actually look forward to my daily workouts with her. She gently motivates & encourages me to push my limits in order to get better and stronger with time. Neha is very knowledgeable, and modifies workouts as per my needs/limits. After training with Neha for the last one month, I feel stronger, have more stamina and my lower back pain has disappeared. I’m grateful to Neha for being my guide & mentor in my fitness journey & wish her loads of success in her career! PS: She is also great to talk to & share a laugh with - something that I greatly appreciate :)

Chanda Bhingarde
21 Dec 2022

Hi Neha, I have struggled keeping a consistent workout schedule for all my life. After starting to train with you, I have been very consistent. Also, when I started, I had a lot of body aches and pains. After working out with you for the last 2 months, I am realizing that my aches and pains have reduced significantly. Your attention to detail on posture and customizing workout plan so I can gradually develop the muscle strength necessary has been incredible. I am feeling stronger and healthier than before I started. I look forward to continue working out with you and use your guidance to help achieve my health goals. Thanks Chanda Bhingarde

Sandhya Ajit
16 Oct 2022

Neha is an excellent trainer and she helped me build my strength and stamina. I recently had a surgery and she tailored my workouts around it, In just a month of training with Neha, I can see a big difference in my stamina. I am going to continue working out with her to make me feel better. Thank you Neha. Neha is a super coach. Now I have 2 of my friends join me for strength and conditioning and our classes have always been fun. As its a partner package, we are motivated to workout and Neha always pushes us to move ahead. She constantly reminds us about nutrition and the importance of exercise even if we miss a class. She is our coach for life and we would definitely recommend Neha. She absolutely knows what she is doing.

03 Oct 2022

Update to previous feedback: It's been more than 6 months and I am still getting coached by this gem name Neha :) She never fails to motivate, encourage, and push. We have been very diligent on my workout routines. I have never done deadlifts or squats with weights till I started my coaching with Neha. Typically it can be challenging to achieve the progress that we made via online sessions. She pays very good attention to your form, posture, and provides honest feedback right away. With Neha's guidance and support i made it to top 250 challengers list in TC 17. The inch loss and weight loss has been very significant. I feel more confident and stronger. Couldn't have done it without you Neha!