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Anusha T
08 Sep 2023

Neethu has been coaching me since 5 months. She has helped me look into habits that might be keeping me at poor health, relearn the amount of protein in diet, start on strength training. My nutrition, exercise habits have been modified slowly based on changes I can accommodate in my lifestyle. She is a great listener and usually recommends practical work arounds to obstacles. Highly recommend her coaching.

Raji P
19 Aug 2023

I am so grateful for my miracle trainer coach Neethu, for guiding me through this journey. She made sure my diet plan included everything best and most palatable. She curated a workout routine and helped me to give my best in it. We achieved every milestone slowly and steadily. Her constant motivation and regular monitoring helped me to be on right track.She is an amazing coach with lots of patience and knowledge. Thank you so much Neethu ❤️

Ranjani Mahendran
21 Jun 2023

Neethu was one coach with whom I felt so comfortable to talk with , very understand and caring especially with problems that I faced in these years coz of having high protein , I was able to lose fat and weight by combining both strength training and cardio , not only that with Neethu I have got the confidence to manage maintaining and losing weight .. thanks Neethu keep helping people ..

Fesmi peppy
24 May 2023

Transformation Starting weight-81 Current weight-69.6 Neethu deserves a big hug from me.she is my life changer.I was fully busy as a housewife ,not able to give any time myself. I was always sleepy and tired.After starting my plan with neethu I started caring my self,I understand the importance of giving time to ourselves. Now I was able to fit in my favourite dress and Able to give more time to family as I was so happy and active now.thank you so much neethu for understanding ,helping and motivating me. It is a wonderful journey with you.out of my 9 months journey I was able to dedicate only 6 months because of my health issues,but still she is there for me always as a supporting friend.I Eli not be able to complete this without your support.thank you once again.god bless are my inspiration.😊