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Aaron Samuel
11 Nov 2023

I'm incredibly thankful for my fitness and nutrition coach Musaddiq- his guidance has been exceptional. His personalized approach and expertise have been transformative. His support extends beyond workouts, offering valuable nutritional insights that have significantly enhanced my overall well-being. The motivation and encouragement he provides create a positive and empowering environment, making every session enjoyable. I appreciate his dedication to my progress, and his holistic approach has positively impacted both my fitness journey and lifestyle. I couldn't be happier with the results and the support I've received. Thank you for being an outstanding coach and making my fitness goals achievable!

Aditya Tulugu
03 Oct 2023

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional fitness training. Your remarkable patience has been a source of immense encouragement, allowing me to tackle challenges with confidence. I appreciate your elaborate teaching style, which not only instructs but educates, deepening my understanding of fitness and fostering a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Your passion for what you do shines through in every session, motivating me to achieve my goals and develop a lifelong dedication to well-being. Thank you for being an extraordinary trainer, and I look forward to our continued progress together.

24 Aug 2023

I will start with lots of blessing to Musaddiq for all his support and positive approach. Inspite of having lots of health issues he was always out with the solution for me with patiently. He always modify my plan as my need whenever I fail to follow my plan properly. I was not regular in workout nor I complete my steps coz of health issues but he was balancing everything very sharply and was always in touch without fail. Still the journey is on I have renewed with him. Thank u so much Musaddiq for being a wonderful­čĺÉ coach

04 Aug 2023

Before getting help from Mussadiq felt a lot of stress with handling my nutrician and workout routine, as a mum of a toddler and full time working woman.taking caring of everyone but never savr a single sec for me.but he my fav Mentor has helped me gain a healthier lifestyle and the results have been great! and now I can wake at 3 am and go to family is surprised too. looking at the results i feel so motivated I havent finnished my set goal yet but i am very happy with the results so far! Highly recommend! thanks again coach. as you said .. andhi ho ya toofan hum nai rukenge. ..