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Strength and Conditioning
06 Jun 2023

After training with Manish for past 9 months.. I wholeheartedly recommend u.. (if u have 9 hours sitting job and indiscipline, irregular type for excercise like me) go for - "#FITTRPTCOACH Strength and Conditioning PT Coach Manish Makwana" He is the man of his words and takes genuine interest in ur goals like his own. Committed, Knowledgeable, Sincere, Patient and yet EXTREMELY MOTIVATIONAL- who didnot let me miss any of his session when my laziness overcomes in the beginning. Now, I look forward for his sessions as his training made significant impact not only on my physical strength, health and agility ( I did 20 kms mountain trek without getting tired, can lift 20 kgs weight now, all this with losing inches) but also my skin, productivity in my work and mood swings.. He has great understanding of my capabilities and trains me to push my limits and never settle for less.. I am grateful for everything I was able to achieve with his help and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

Rani Vadlamudi
11 Apr 2023

If you want punctual, patient, understanding coach, Manish is the one. I have been training under Manish for past three months even though I’m irregular, I feel the difference in me, he is a good motivator and very calm, good observer of your forms. He never pushed me so hard when I say I can’t do at the same time he will encourage to complete the reps, I always look forward for Manish’s session and really like his calmness, not loosing his cool even though I did wrongly after explaining multiple times. He is always ready to help you even though you don’t ask for it and try to adjust his timings to fit in when I ask for adhoc classes, Thanks for all the support Manish, I’m looking forward for more classes.

jyoti jha
06 Apr 2023

I have been training under Manish last 3 months. I started my journey with lots of hesitation and doubts as none of the diets or program ever worked for me, but luckily I found Manish and with him every session is fun and exciting. He is very calm and keen observer of your forms. He never pushed me too hard but at the same time made sure I give my best. He knows his craft and always corrects the postures. I look forward to his classes and quite honestly I have started loving the exercise. I can’t thank Manish enough for his guidance and patience. All my hesitation has slowly gone away and I feel much stronger and better today. I would be continuing my journey with him and I would love to recommend Manish to anyone who thinks exercise is not for them. Just book 1 session with him you will see the difference.

Bhanu Aeloori
21 Mar 2023

I have been under the guidance of Manish for several weeks now and I am thoroughly impressed with him. He is a highly motivating trainer who has made a significant positive impact on my health and fitness. He has a great understanding of my capabilities and trains me accordingly, yet never allows me to settle and always challenges me to push further. I am grateful for everything he has done for me and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a committed and knowledgeable personal trainer.