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Injury Rehab
Sonali Jain
12 Sep 2023

Smita has been helping since Oct 2022 and has helped me immensely in building strength and helping me recover from multiple injuries and setbacks. she is empathetic and always listens to whatever is going on and answers questions, patient with slow progress and pushes me to do better while being mindful of injuries, good communicator and always explains things well, flexible and accommodating when needed. She is my main partner in improving my health, in all these years i have worked with many physiotherapists and she has been the best partner of all.

Divya Tiwari
14 May 2023

I had enrolled under Smita for Nutrition and conditioning but was not aware that she is a PT coach too for injury rehab. So I enrolled under her for Injury rehab program since I have MPFL issue in both my knees. MPFL is not as common as ACL or meniscus tear. It took me more than 5 doctors and at the end an MRI to confirm the exact issue. When I enrolled my knee had lot of inflammation and the range of motion was below avaerage,, I was barely able to walk for 5 mins continuously but now I do walk atleast 20 mins continuously, all thanks and credits to Smita. When I wanted to enrolled under for injury rehab, she was out of slots. But she asked me not to worry and started her first session from 5 am itself so that she can accommodate me later in the morning hours. I am really grateful to have you as my coach Smita. Thank you for everything.

Rashida Hussain
04 Mar 2023

Smita is an excellent coach who is genuinely caring and compassionate about helping others. I enrolled with her for rehab sessions. Her personalized approach to coaching is unparalleled, and she takes the time to understand each client's unique needs, abilities, and limitations. She is patient, attentive, and supportive every step of the way. She provides thorough explanations of exercises and their benefits, which helps you understand how the workouts are impacting your body. Overall, I highly recommend Smita!!!!

17 Feb 2023

Dr.Smita is a phenomenal trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her work. When I enrolled under her , I had a severe knee issue. Smita not only understood the issue but devised a plan where in we did knee rehab and slowly transitioned to weight loss excercises. It’s been 4 months and my knee is so so much better and I have lost 7lb during this process. Her patience to deal with clients is commendable. If you are suffering from pain or on edge to go ahead with PT, please do not think twice . She is the correct and best person ever. Thanks Dr Smita for helping me with my journey. Cant wait to see what we achieve in next leg. Thanks x million