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ACE Certified PT

ACE Certified PT

Diploma in Weight Management

Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Diploma in Advanced Fitness

Diploma in Advanced Nutrition

Diploma in Dietary supplements

Diploma in Intermittent Fasting

Certification in Hormone and Testosterone

Posture and Functional Corrective Exercises Specialist

ACE Certified PT

Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition and Exercise

Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition and Exercise

Clinical Nutrition Advanced Course

Essential of Prep Contest

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Diploma in Yoga Training

ACE CPT Certification Renewed

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Reshma N
02 Feb 2023

I have had several coaches in the past but none like Dr K K sharma. Very knowledgeable and experienced, he guides with a lot of passion and patience. I already recommended him to my colleague and would do so again. Thank you doc!

01 May 2022

During Corona time life became sedentary and depressing and I started gaining weight and loosing confidence. Was checking fittr for many years and trying to do exercise on and off. That's when came across profile of Dr KK Sharma. His profile itself an inspiration as he is continuing fitness journey. I called him and got some confidence that he could help me in my situation and he gave me a hope. His scientific approach and variations in the workoouts are so interesting that it inspires to go to gym to try it out. Ii have learned that consistency is the key. He always mentions body shape is the bi product of exercise and now I have started realizing it as energy level is increasing and I am performing more tasks in usual life without being tired. I have started the journy on 1st of Jan and willing to continue to get more knowledge, results and to try best version of me. Thank you to Dr K K Sharma for supporting and continuous guidance. Kiran Australia

Ram V
24 Mar 2022

Various lifestyle choices and ignorance joined hands to bring me to over 125 kgs. I could hardly bend when I happened upon Fittr. The transformations of so many left me energised and I started my journey with Dr KK Sharma. Right at the outset, he diligently understood the background and what my aspirations were and set the plan rolling. Needless to say, my t shirts are soaking wet nowadays whenever I get back from the gym. He has an easy way of building confidence in ourselves and reassuring my ability to reach higher. He has always been accessible and ready to guide on whatever I wanted to know about. I am grateful that I could get a coach who has the kind of experience such as Dr. Sharma. I vouch for his experience and knowledge of human physiology and the impact of right foods and habits. Thank you to Fittr for this platform as well. #And~miles~to~go~before~I~sleep....

Manas Behera
23 Mar 2022

Best coach of my life. There is no words in any dictionary to define Dr KK sharma.