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Strength and Conditioning
FITTR kids
Arjundev S
12 Feb 2023

Hi, I am Arjun. I am 9 years old. I'm training with Brinto Anna from January 2023. I do not know anything about fitness.I have fun and Enjoy while working out with him. I run on treadmill @ 8km/he, even my mom is surprised. I can do Biceps 💪 curl with 2kg dumbells in each hand. I am able to do knee pushups and deadhangs. My squat form is improving. I am consistent when i workout with Brinto Anna. I am drinking more water as per Anna's advise. I am also eating fruits vegetables and eggs and I have stopped eating cakes and junk food. I have become stronger now... I hope to get Pull ups and Full body push ups with his help. Thank you very much Brinto Anna.

Pras H
16 Jan 2023

It is fun working with Brinto. Very good trainer. Very easy person to work with. Pushes us beyond our comfort zone. I definitely saw significant improvement in my core strength since Brinto started training me. Overall, Iam very happy and glad to have Brinto as my trainer

suresh sengodan
09 Aug 2022

Brinto is one of the most experienced & committed trainers in FITTR. I have been training with him for past 2 months and I enjoy the variety & challenge he puts into the sessions.Brinto is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging &fun.My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more reps, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder in every session. He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. He is extremely reliable with an exercise routine planned out every single day.I am highly impressed with his cardio expertise - i am amazed at the different forms of cardio that actually exist - i thoroughly enjoy doing his under skill/overskill running, Tabata with burpees, medium/high intensity training in treadmill.With Brinto's focus on stability, i have now overcome my right knee pain. Brinto's incredible knowledge of human body shines through when i had back pain issues, he suggested a vitamin D test and it turned out that i was Vitamin D deficient and am currently on treatment. His suggestion was bang on and a life saver for me, as it helped to avoid further injuries, it took some time to get the 6 am slot with him so If you see a spot on Brinto's, just book it! Don't wait!!! I am so glad that i enrolled with him as my personal trainer...... Thank you Brinto.

Sang Mathi
30 May 2022

Brinto is universe('s) gift to me. In March 2022 i was falling apart due to various issues in my life. My only solace was be Exercise.i was unable to train due to stress.i was twiddling with the thought of enrolling with PT. I messaged Brinto &recd an instant response from Brinto,he asked me which slot i wanted,at that point i had no thought or money to enrol. So i said i will talk to him. We talked the next day. I asked for a 4am slot as i had to work around my family and job timings. He said he'd try,I wasn't expecting much because it's a difficult timing,After 2 weeks i was surprised to receive a message from him. He said he tried his best for waking up and training at 4 am for my sake just so he could accommodate me.That's the level of Commitment and dedication that you get from him..Respect Respect Respect. At that very instance, i knew he'd be my mentor. His kindness changed everything for me. He didn't even know me, yet he tried to do something for me. And then I rearranged my day, managed time/people efficiently. I messaged him later on & asked 9 pm slot. He was so sweet to open that slot timing for me. Thank you Brinto. JOURNEY SO FAR:(from April 26th 2022)Brinto first concentrated on my Stability.I used to have nagging left knee pain for past 5-6 years.Special mention- Brinto's wall facing squats to stabilize my knee,he made me realise i was straining my knee instead of using the muscles around the knee. i have absolutely no knee pain now.His strength training method is the time under tension technique.I can now do a shoulder press with 5 kg. I am more in control of the dumbells now.I am happy to say that my husband has also started training with Brinto.He's an inspiration to my 10 year old who wants to become a trainer like him. Bonus is my 5 year old wants to train with him.I am so proud to be his mentee I wish Brinto lots of love happiness and joy in all his endeavours. I hope you become advance + coach soon.