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Aashi Sanjaya
15 Mar 2023

Loosing weight is a science..I wish I knew it before.. I kept on gaining always till I met Anurag. Can’t thank my friend enough that she recommended him.. although I'm a lazy person but Anurag motivates in a way that I come out of my comfort zone. I always thought loosing weight matlab dieting but that's not true. i eat my favourite food. My mother always blesses you Anurag.. Thanks for listening to me and being patient with me.. Though it hasn’t been long but still I can see my loose clothes, high energy levels, better sleep quality.. you are an amazing coach Anurag.. My journey is going to be long with you, it’s just second renewal.

Dr Sadhana
14 Mar 2023

Two and half months back I started my fitness journey with Anuraag. He is my first time ever coach and is really wonderful. He gives motivation to continue training even on hard days and keeps checks on diet , exercise and step counts. His encouragement has given me confidence. In such a short span of time I am pleased with my progress (lost 6 kgs of body weight and 5 inches from waist) and for next session again I have enrolled myself with him So in short he is very knowledgeable, effective, supportive and approachable coach with good listening qualities. I would highly recommend him for Fitness journey Thanks a lot Anuraag, thank you so much God bless you

12 Mar 2023

Anurag is a wonderful person and my fitness journey with him has been amazing. Since day one, he took a keen interest to understand my lifestyle and made necessary changes in both food and exercise whenever required. No matter how discouraged or low I felt whenever I went off track, his warm encouragement and belief that I can do better motivated me to give my best. Armed with knowledge, patience, and friendliness Anurag ensured that I absorbed the importance of whatever I was doing thus making my progress each week easier and more interesting. Anurag handheld me from being a person with no knowledge of workouts to being confident and enjoying the strength gained thereafter. All along earlier, I would get tired easily when walking even a little bit, my NEAT activity being hardly countable. However, when Anurag explained the logic of NEAT and its necessity, I incorporated walking as a daily routine. He made me set small targets for step count. Slowly and gradually with constant prompting from Anurag, I reached the big goal of 10k finally after 15 weeks and can easily walk long distances too now, His simple tips to overcome difficulties in adherence and reminders to trust the process and continue have changed my mindset in many ways. Some of the greatest qualities of Anurag as a coach lie in his quickest response to messages, availability to answer queries, prompt follow-ups, firm yet gentle guidance, and great support in making the fitness journey sustainable. Having lost nearly 6 kgs and 3- 4 inches overall in a 12-week transformation, I have enrolled myself again with Anurag for 48 weeks. Backed by the mentorship of Anurag, I look forward to achieving a fitter and better version of myself without fixation on the scale alone. Without a doubt, mentorship under Anurag makes one strive beyond the comfort zone and achieve their fullest capacity.

Rinkle Singhal
12 Mar 2023

Mr. Anurag Mishra is an excellent fitness trainer. His effort for making me fit is awesome. His knowledge about maintaining good health is very good. He has wide knowledge of food and its nutrition diet plan for having good health. He is always there when I face any problem. His support encourage me to lost the weight n have a good life.