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Suma Lalitha Emani
17 Sep 2023

Akash is a magician. The way he turned my fitness around is beyond imagination. He pushes us to give our personal best and continue improvements on that. He is so open that when i was unavailable for long time he checked on me and made me pick any suitable time of day for his class. He is embodiment of knowledge and support. Any doubts i ask during class, the relevant knowledge is shared while iam doing my set. Any difficulty in workout posture or movement will be addressed immediately to make me at ease. Thanks for all the effort you put in me!!!

15 Aug 2023

I am incredibly pleased with the experience I've had working with Akash as my personal trainer. From the beginning, Akash has proven to be not only knowledgeable and supportive but also remarkably flexible in tailoring workouts to my needs. He has a keen understanding of my fitness requirements and consistently creates workout plans that align perfectly with my goals. One aspect I particularly appreciate is how Akash keeps the workouts fresh and engaging. While some trainers might fall into a routine, Akash ensures that monotony never sets in. His ability to consistently switch up the exercises has kept me motivated and excited to challenge myself during each session. Moreover, his well-thought-out variations guarantee that all muscle groups receive attention over the course of a week. Working out with Akash has been a delight. His commitment to my progress and his approach to training have made each session enjoyable and effective. I am genuinely excited to continue this fitness journey with him as my coach. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to kick-start their fitness journey.

Dev Dani
01 Mar 2023

I enrolled under an amazing coach Aakash. I have been training under Aakash for around 6 months. I never had any experience of weight training. He taught me the basics. He corrects my forms and always pushes me to use extra weight and to do extra raps. Aakash is very understanding. When I ask him to go easy with me , he listens and suggests a different exercise to make me feel better. I have seen tremendous improvement in my strength, form and energy. While training with him, time really flies because I really enjoy training with him. I am very excited to continue with Aakash. What I love about him the most is that he is very very punctual and I highly recommend him

Nisha Asarpota
20 Feb 2023

Aakash has been an amazing coach, nothing less than that. He motivates to complete the workouts, corrects each and every wrong movement and makes sure the correct form is used. I have seen tremendous results in just 1 month in terms of fitness, inch loss and over all conditioning. His workouts are so simple and yet soo effective. He has immense knowledge, which he uses effectively during his training sessions. If you are looking for a PT Aakash is the right person.