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18 Nov 2023

what is the other name for patience??? ANSWER: "AGRIM SINGH". I always pray god before i start anything in my life. Likewise i prayed and started searching for coach, luckily i found AGRIM ji and enrolled with him 3 months ago. Iam a mother of two. He helped me reduce from 96.2 to 90.8 finally. From day 1, i observed and learned one thing from Agrim ji, he got so much patience in him. I have never ever seen him being rude or tensed on my irregularities. Sometimes i had been so down, he always came online encouraged me and put me back on track. Really being a mother, even i could not hold that much patience with my people. I have learned to do workouts with joy. He even altered my diet and workout charts and made me more comfortable in this journey. I really thank AGRIM SINGH from my bottom of my heart for being so kind which i initially afraid for. 100 stars for ur patience 👍🏻. Thank you Agrim singh. God bless you.

Avinash pise
06 Nov 2023

I enrolled with Agrim Singh almost 9 months back and when I see tremendous change in me before and after enrolling with Agrim. Agrim changed my point of view regarding workout and diet. I reached almost midway of what I have thought in 7 months. Agrim is one of the best coach till date I trained with. Thanks Agrim for all your support.

Manu Raj gehlot
19 Jul 2023

sir helped me to reduce my weight from 100 to 89 kg in 6 months. I am a working professional as well as preparing for competitive exams. I was very skeptical about whether I would be able to achieve my weight loss goals, but he was always there to motivate and uplift me. Here are some specific examples of how Agrim Sir helped me achieve my weight loss goals: He created a personalized workout routine for me that was tailored to my fitness level and goals. When I first started working with Agrim Sir, I was very overweight and out of shape. I couldn't even run for a minute without getting winded. Agrim Sir took the time to assess my fitness level and goals, and then he created a workout routine that was just right for me. He started me off with simple exercises, and gradually increased the intensity and duration of my workouts as I got stronger. He helped me learn proper form for all of the exercises, which helped me avoid injuries. Agrim Sir is a very knowledgeable fitness coach. He knows the proper form for all of the exercises, and he is always patient and willing to help me learn the correct way to do them. This is important because proper form is essential for preventing injuries. There were times when I didn't feel like working out, but Agrim Sir was always there to motivate me. He would remind me of my goals and why I was working so hard. and he would never let me give up. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but Agrim Sir never gave up on me. He always believed in me, and he never let me quit. I am so glad that I found Agrim Sir. He is an amazing fitness coach who helped me achieve my weight loss goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness.

Aseem Gupta
04 Jun 2023

I enrolled with Agrim about nine months back, and my journey with him has been amazing. From day one he understood what I was at trying to achieve. Although that I was already involved with my regular fitness I wanted to take it to the next step by adding weight training. He helped me get that into my routine, still maintaining a good balance between weight training and my running. He is very professional and easy to communicate. He understands the requirements very well, and helps you track the diet and workout to achieve the final goal. I will definitely recommend him.