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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
Tania Singh
28 May 2023

Aditya is very knowledgeable and well informed regarding all aspects of fitness. He is very methodical in his approach and explains the rationale behind every exercise and the muscle groups involved. He’s very professional, stays on his feet during the session and demonstrates every exercise (several times patiently on many occasions as I’m not the quickest to understand different movements). He ensures your form is on point and pushes you to get you to perform to your potential. He offers a lot of variety in the workouts and always makes it fun.He’s very punctual for his sessions and tries to be as flexible as he can to offer alternative slot times if needed. I’m really pleased with our training sessions over the last few months and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with him. I would recommend him very highly to anyone who is looking for a Personal trainer.

Giri Rao
15 Jan 2023

Aditya is a very professional and well-trained Strength and Conditioning coach. He is one of the most structured and methodical coaches out there. He structures workouts really well around the individual's body needs and goals. He makes working out interesting and also introduces new exercises to keep it interesting. He also makes sure that my form during workout is correct. I’ve been training with Aditya for over six months now and I definitely feel more stronger, much more stamina and so much positivity! He is also a great listener! 😊 Looking forward to continuing this year ahead!! I highly recommend him as your PT coach to achieve your fitness goals,

Anamika soni
21 Sep 2022

If you want a no nonsense coach.. select Aditya. He explains every exercise, makes sure my posture is correct. I actually look forward to my sessions first thing in morning where earlier I use to loathe exercise. The workouts are planned, varied and enjoyable. He encourages when you think you can't do that last set. Thank you Aditya for being a good coach.

Mahesh CR
10 Aug 2022

I have been training for a month - Aditya is patient, empathetic and reasonable. He takes it step by step and ensures he explains why we are are what we are doing. He accommodates changing time slots as much as possible. Look forward to continuing working with him!