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Lohit Chandran
03 Nov 2023

I want to thank Aaqil from the bottom of my heart for helping me to instill the habit of working out. I initially approached him not with the intention of getting his training, but for asking if he knew any freelance trainers who could coach me. I had gone to couple of gyms and enrolled their Personal training package, but even after going to 4 different gyms and working out under their personal trainers, I was not feeling satisfied. That's when Aaqil gave me the reassurance and talked to me at length (even when I had told him, I'm not currently looking to get enrolled under him), about what all I can do to make my workouts better. Months later, I decided to go for fresh start by enrolling under Aaqil. The exercises he included were as if he read my mind inside out, they were just perfect and gradually I got into the habit of doing them and also started loving them. Now when I do them, I get a feeling of immense satisfaction after each day's workout. And I'm loving this habit , all credit goes to Aaqil. Because his training plan and advices were so helpful for me..

06 Sep 2023

Four months ago, I embarked on a life-changing journey with the incredible Coach Aaqil Faizal. Prior to meeting him, my health was spiraling with issues like PCOD, Fatty Liver, Obesity, and irregular periods. But fate led me to Coach Aaqil, a true gem in the fitness world. Aaqil isn't just a trainer; he's a beacon of professionalism, kindness, patience, and understanding. His unwavering encouragement breathed new life into my fitness aspirations, igniting the confidence I desperately needed. In just one short month, I witnessed remarkable progress, shedding 6-8 kg, and I knew that more was possible. With his expertly crafted diet and exercise regimen, the journey became smoother, and the weight loss accelerated. Then came the turning point. Two weeks ago, I checked my PCOD and other health concerns, and the results were nothing short of astounding. My PCOD was completely cured, and my once irregular periods became a thing of the past. Plus, I had triumphantly shed an incredible 18 kg, starting from a daunting 108 kg to a triumphant 90 kg today. All of this is a testament to Coach Aaqil's impeccable guidance and unwavering encouragement. With him by my side, I am confident that my journey will continue to yield incredible results, and I am well on my way to achieving my ultimate fitness goals. If you're seeking a coach who can truly transform your life, Coach Aaqil is the one you've been waiting for.

Akshay Prathapan
04 Sep 2023

To be honest I haven't seen a good coach like him. With a whopping amount of 103kg he made me loose 12kg within 10 weeks.I was soo amazed by the result and i rejoined his program again. The highlight of his program is about preparing the diet. We won't feel any hunger or tiredness even when we're on a calorie deficit run...I believe with his help I could make my body into it's prime version😁❤️

nikhil narayan
31 May 2023

I enrolled under Aqil in Feb 2023 and I was amazed by the knowledge and support I have received during the period. I have lost 4 kg and several inches during this period. I would recommend Aqil to any one who is looking to kickoff their fitness journey.